Social and environmental commitment

We have always operated thinking that companies have a social and environmental role, which leads them to consciously have a commitment to people and the territory.

Our priority is to meet the needs of our employees, ensuring certainties and above all safety at work and offering opportunities for career improvement

Our “5 guidelines” pay the utmost attention to the social and environmental theme, an attention that is reinterpreted as a responsibility that is realized in an intense activity of support to the territory and to people, and that is why over the years we have undertaken partnerships that allow us to contribute to improving the lives of the neediest people (thanks to the collaboration of Caritas, AVIS and Rotary Club).

We recognize an important role to sport as a carrier of culture of health, well-being and healthy eating, and that is why over the years we have developed some projects for the dissemination of sporting practices, first with sailing and later with the organization of the Flott Golf Challenge.

At the same time we have tried to constantly improve the efficiency of production processes, remaining in line with the BRC and IFS certification standards, with the primary objective being energy saving, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing water consumption.

Today every step we take towards the future and has as objective a strong impulse and commitment that we put in the protection of the environment, that’s why we recently inaugurated a fully certified MSC line; being MSC certified means achieving the highest standard in the world in terms of sustainability.