Corporate responsibility

Today Flott is the reference point for tradition, quality values ​​and respect for the environment.

It is no coincidence that we have chosen as motto “YELLOW SUN, BLU SICILY”

This is because for us of FLOTT it is possible to think of a world radiated by light with a blue sea without pollution with sufficient resources for the future generations.

At the base of everything there are our values, which are history, family, environment, pleasure of being at the table together in every occasion, the continuous search for raw materials with an high quality and above all the happiness to see appreciated our work all over the world.

There is a team of people in the company that is dedicated daily to checks and control the suitability of  the raw materials, and then takes care of transforming them into products that we all know and appreciate.

Eating is a joy. Food is joy, it is happiness … it is being together, that is why at Flott we work with these feelings, in fact our greatest responsibility is to transmit and guarantee them.

Inside each Flott jar, an Italian story that starts from afar.