Quality has always been a priority for FLOTT.

To maintain consistently high quality standards, FLOTT has developed a system of quality that guides the company in its processes to ensure both safety and legal conformity in food, in order to gain consumer preference.

The FLOTT quality system is based on the IFS and BRC certifications, which today represent one of the most widespread tools for the rating of the goods suppliers of the GDO and are intended to ensure that the products are manufactured in respect with food safety.

Both standards identify the specific elements of a management system focused on quality and sanitary safety of products, which takes as a reference for planning and implementation the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point).

Thanks to these standards FLOTT wants to strengthen its position in the market through the high quality of the products, the constant attention to the customer, the professionalism of its staff and the efficiency of the organizational structure.

For the near future, FLOTT aims to continue improving through its corporate mission:

– develop a culture of quality, bringing forward tradition and innovation;

– assign customer satisfaction a central role in strategies;

– supply a product from non-GMO raw materials and manufactured and controlled in respect with the legal provisions and pre-established standards;

– guaranteeing compliance with the production process;

– ensure that the production process takes place under fully controlled conditions;

– involve employees in daily improvement respecting the ethical principles within the company.