An Italian story

There's a corner of our land of Sicily, full of creeks, sandy beaches protected by hills that sweetly declining by the sea, that welcomed Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans and Spaniards in a becoming of events related to the wealth of the territory.

This place is the Soluntum land, bounded by the rivers Eleuterio and Milicia and Mount Zafferano, where rises Aspra, whose fortunes were and are closely related to maritime activities.

Born and raised in Aspra, a fishing village where whole economics is concentrated on the fish processing, from which are born the greatest experts of salting for the preservation of the anchovies, today, Flott Spa is the point of reference for tradition, values ​​of quality and respect for the environment.

This is not a case that we chose the slogan "YELLOW SUN, BLU SICILY" as a motto.

This because "respect" for us of Flott spa is being able to think a world illuminated by a light and a blue sea without pollution, with fish resources enough for the future generations.

Behind this there are all of our values, that are the history, the family, the environment, the taste of being at the table in any occasion, the continuous search of a quality raw materials, but especially the happiness to see appreciated our work around the world.

There is a team of people who analyze and verify that the raw material are fit for the production process and transform them in the products that we all know and appreciate.

Inside every Flott jar, there’s an italian History that began far away.